Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beta Testers Wanted

Looking for beta candidates to test the software.


  1. Must have a Beaglebone Black Rev C running Debian distro.
  2. Must have two 3.3 volt 10A or better solid state relays (SSR) or two PowerSwitch Tails
  3. Must be able to install the required libraries and support software on the BBB and laptop/computer
  4. Must be able to use GitHub repository to install (clone) the bcc code on your BBB
  5. Must provide detailed bug reports and how to recreate the bug on GitHub
  6. A good working knowledge of linux command and GUI interfaces is preferred
  7. Programming knowledge is not required but would like a few knowledgeable Python programmers 
  8. A few novices/beginners may be selected to help write detailed setup and operation instructions
 If you are interested please reply with a comment to this post.


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1 comment:

  1. name is Seth. If you need help, I can pitch in. I have a couple BBB variants and I deal with issues.

    If you get a chance and you still deal with this software in Python, let me know. I live in Louisiana and I deal with too.