Saturday, October 4, 2014

Designing a Brew Chamber Controller (Update 6)

A few screen shots of version 0.03a. The system is currently residing in my entertainment center so that is why the temperature readings are so warm.

This is the self test code where the LEDs are lit and the thermistor is checked to see if it reads a sensible value.

The initial startup screen where we are waiting for the average temperature to stabilize.

Once the average temperature stabilizes the system starts in the 'Off' mode.

The warm cycle is used to start the fermentation process. Once it gets underway the cycle is changed to normal cycle.

The normal cycle is used for the primary fermentation. Once the primary is complete a cold crash cycle is used to drop the suspended yeast faster.

The lager cycle is used for lagering a beer.

Cold crash is used to drop the yeast quickly.

Clear cycle can be used to age or secondary a beer.

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